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Physical Therapy for low back pain in North Carolina

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What you can expect at Piedmont Concierge Physical Therapy:

We are not Beholden to Insurance Companies.

Therefore, We Determine the Frequency, Goals, & Treatments based on what is best for YOU, not what your insurance dictates.

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Piedmont Concierge PT in Durham, NC

- Joseph M.


If you’re in any pain I’d highly recommend going to see Drew! He was not only kind and professional, but an incredible PT. I had persistent and unexplained neck pain and decided to try dry needling with Drew and haven’t had any pain since!

- Blair W.


Can’t say enough good things about Drew and his practice. Great guy with lots of insight. This is going to become a regular thing for me not just for rehab on what hurts, but preventative maintenance so that I can continue to stay healthy in the future.

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