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Blair Waggett
Blair Waggett
Can't say enough good things about Drew and his practice. Great guy with lots of insight. This is going to become a regular thing for me not just for rehab on what hurts, but preventative maintenance so that I can continue to stay healthy in the future.
Richard Bowman
Richard Bowman
I had a great experience at Piedmont. Drew was very attentive to my needs. He asked really great questions and gave really great advice. I came because of really bad back pain and after further consultation with him he suggested needling. I’ve never done needling before so I didn’t know what to expect. Before we started I couldn’t touch my toes when I bent over. Afterwards, I could! It worked which I was pleased with. The pain didn’t all of a sudden disappear, but it was better and I had more mobility than before. He also had me do a stretch while there that he suggested I do at home. He model it and coached me very patiently on how to do it properly. I’m thankful for the overall experience!
Dan Salo
Dan Salo
Drew knows what he is doing and loves what he does. As an injury-prone runner, I've seen him on and off for the past 3 years. His careful explanation of the mechanics and muscle groups that each exercise targeted put me at ease and helped me stay consistent with the exercise regime. His dry needling really is magical; I've walked out pain free each time! I'd wholeheartedly recommend seeing Drew if you're interested in improving your movement or healing from an injury.
Joseph Martinez
Joseph Martinez
If you’re in any pain I’d highly recommend going to see Drew! He was not only kind and professional, but an incredible PT. I had persistent and unexplained neck pain and decided to try dry needling with Drew and haven’t had any pain since!
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