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Knee Pain

knee pain physical therapy in North Carolina

How to Get Rid of Chronic, Daily, and Annoying Knee Pain Without Injections, Painkillers, or Support Braces.

We recognize the value of an active lifestyle and wish to assist you in resuming your active lifestyle.

When knee pain appears, it’s easy to dismiss it as a normal part of aging due to wear and tear, or it will just go away on its own. You may not know what’s causing the discomfort, but it’s not going away.

You’re not alone. Knee pain is one of the most common complaints at our physical therapy office. We understand that living with knee pain brings a slew of concerns, and most patients want to know:

Do You Ever Wonder, “Why Is This Happening to Me?” Alternatively, “Why Am I Still Experiencing Worsening Knee Pain After Enduring It for Six Months or More?

It’s a frequent misconception that knee discomfort will eventually go away. However, many people experience knee discomfort, which worsens with time.

Are You Able to Relate to the Scenario?

When you go to your doctor for help, you’re urged to relax, take pain relievers, and return if your condition doesn’t improve. After six weeks, you may return to the doctor’s office and be prescribed stronger medication and a knee brace.

Have You Ever Experienced Something Similar?

It’s possible that you’re feeling perplexed because you’ve received contradicting advice. You may assume that resting is necessary because walking aggravates the pain, or specific workouts are required to ease it.

Navigating through this confusion can be difficult, which is why many individuals need to work on deciding on how to address their knee discomfort. Unfortunately, some people accept living with knee pain as a way of life, feeling that it is just a part of life and that they must accept it as usual.

Is This How You Feel, Too?

If You Have Knee Pain, Here Are Seven Additional Reasons Why It May Be Lasting Longer Than It Should:

Here are seven possible explanations for why your knee pain is staying longer than it should:

  1. You initially thought the discomfort would go away, but it lingered.
  2. Despite seeking medical guidance, relaxation and pain relievers did not relieve the suffering and only temporarily masked it.
  3. Family or friends may have told you that knee pain is an inescapable aspect of aging, causing you to accept it as such.
  4. Previous attempts to resolve the problem with other healthcare providers or physiotherapists may have failed.
  5. You tried knee supports to relieve the pain, but they didn’t work.
  6. Resting felt like a sensible action, especially since your knees were swollen and sore. Nonetheless, you continue to be irritated daily.
  7. You may have tried several online-recommended exercises, but they were painful and unsuccessful.

If any of these situations sound familiar, we’re here to help. Please contact our Physical Therapists in Durham, North Carolina, to discuss potential treatments for your knee pain.

It’s a good thing you’ve tried several techniques for pain relief because it puts you closer to figuring out what works. To schedule a complimentary call with us, please click the button below.

We aim to give you reliable advice free of charge and without any obligation to book more consultations. We want to help you make an informed decision about your future actions.

"What Can I Do to Get Rid of My Knee Pain Quickly?"

“What Can I Do to Get Rid of My Knee Pain Quickly?”

  1. Decide to get help: Waiting for knee pain to go away alone is ineffective. Instead, decide to seek expert assistance.
  2. Do the correct exercises: A physiotherapist-prescribed regimen of progressive exercises can help reduce discomfort and increase mobility.
  3. Avoid sitting in unusual positions: Sitting for long periods with bent knees can put your knees in strange, unnatural positions. Working on strengthening exercises for better posture and hands-on treatment will help you restore mobility more quickly
  4. Receive hands-on physical therapy: Physical therapy has been demonstrated to help treat knee pain. Piedmont Concierge Physical Therapy can assist you in resuming an active, pain-free lifestyle.

Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation at our Durham, North Carolina office to learn how Piedmont Concierge Physical Therapy might help you reduce knee discomfort.

So, The Next Question To Consider Is:

"How Can Opting For The Services Of A Physical Therapist At Piedmont Concierge Physical Therapy Assist In Relieving Your Knee Discomfort Within Days?"

Here are several ways our team of physical therapists at Piedmont Concierge Physical Therapy can expedite the alleviation of your knee pain:

Our team of physical therapists can empower you to lead a life unburdened by chronic knee pain. If you want to discover more about our pricing and appointment availability at our Durham, North Carolina, clinic, please click the button below and complete a form.

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