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Foot and Ankle Pain

foot and ankle physical therapy in North Carolina

Are You Experiencing Discomfort In Your Ankle Or Foot Hindering Your Ability To Walk, Run, Jump, Go Downstairs, Or Carry Out Your Usual Tasks At Home Or Work?

Does this situation sound familiar?

Our Purpose Is To Assist You In Discovering Enduring Solutions.

Typical Ankle/Foot Conditions We Treat:

Common Causes:

Piedmont Concierge Physical Therapy Approach:

  1. Disrupt the cycle of pain through education, manual therapy, and enhancing tissue flexibility.
  2. Enhance joint, muscle, and nerve mechanics during everyday activities and specific exercises or sports.
  3. Strengthen tissues to boost endurance, power, and resilience, ensuring they can handle all desired demands without fearing re-injury.

Specific Ankle and Foot Treatments:

Important Concepts to Keep in Mind:

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